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RefWorks 2.0: Brand new display!

RefWorks now has a  brand new interface! For a while now, the RefWorks’ display has needed an overhaul. The new design is much easier to use and looks a lot more current. You can begin using the new interface by visiting RefWorks. On the login screen, click on the link for RefWorks 2.0, located in the upper right corner. RefWorks remembers your selection and will load the new interface automatically with your consequential logins.

Now that you’re logged into the new display, let’s take a look at what’s changed….

  • Citation Display
    Folders are now hyper-linked
    New tool icons  

    • “View” – displays details for the reference
    • “Cite” – allows you to insert temporary citation placeholders into a document (using copy & paste commands)
    • “Edit” – allows you to edit the existing reference information
    • “Star” – adds reference to you “My List” folder
    • “Comments” – displays any comments made by others who access your shared references
    • “Paper clip” – indicates if files are attached to the reference and the quantity of files attached

  • Tab Bar
    Three tabs  

    • References
    • Folders
    • Share

    Global Edit feature allows you to globally

    • Add information
    • Move information
    • Delete information in a specific field
    • Replace information

    Remove from folder button
    “Change View” – allows you to view your citations in a specific citation style

  • “Bread crumb” tool bar – shows you were you are within the RefWorks interface

  • Dynamic changing buttons – buttons containing actions you can perform on your references that change depending on what tab you are currently viewing

  • Quick Access Menu

We’ve created a brief video that explains these changes. Watch it to learn more about the new RefWorks interface-

And of course, we have a RefWorks Libguide that will help you navigate through the new interface by viewing video tutorials and reading step-by-step instructions on the main features RefWorks offers.

Visit the RefWorks LibGuide

What if you miss the old interface? You can still use it! Look for the “RefWorks Classic” link in the upper right corner. Once RefWorks officially releases RefWorks 2.0, RefWorks users will be able to continue using the classic interface for 6 months. After 6 months, they will permanently switch to the new interface.

Feel free to leave a comment below on what you think about the new RefWorks display!

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  1. Hi, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I used most of this post on our blog. We are just switching over and you’ve already done a great job. Just wanted to check. Thanks! Becky

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