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Winning Entries: 2011 Jonathan Orr Essay Contest

Thank you to all who entered our Jonathan Orr Essay Contest this year. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about this Friends of the Library sponsored contest. Here was this year’s essay topic:

“In his book Poetry as a Means of Grace published in 1941, Charles Osgood proposed to the World War II generation that ‘the greatest single works of art, whether of poetry, painting, music, sculpture, building, at least in the western world, have sprung from religious exaltation, or have been organically involved with it.’  Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement.”

On April 15th, we held our annual Friends of the Library dinner and announced the winners! You can read the winning entries by clicking on the links below. 1st Place: Edward Briggs, “(Untitled)” 2nd Place: Julianna La Fazia, “Apprentices” 3rd Place: Jennifer Schifano, “Tiny Exaltations”

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