Trial: NBC LEARN streaming video

We’re excited to start this semester with a four month trial of NBC LEARN. This database contains over 10,000 videos, primary documents, and images from the NBC archives. It’s quite the collection! They have video clips dating back to the 1930s. The content in NBC LEARN can be fully integrated with Blackboard, and it can be downloaded to your computer and played/viewed using NBC LEARN’s free offline player- which is great if you need to show it somewhere where there is no internet connection. Videos, primary documents and images from here can be embedded in PowerPoint, Word and other programs. All of the NBC LEARN video resources have been cleared to use for any educational purpose. The videos all come with written transcripts and closed-captioning.

Not only does NBC LEARN contain videos from NBC’s archives, but it also contains original content- video segments created by NBC solely for the use in NBC LEARN. An example of this is their series entitled “The Science of NFL Football”. Here’s a clip from it- Our NBC LEARN rep told us that they are currently producing a new series entitled “The Science of NHL Hockey”.

I’ve done some browsing around and here are a few clips I came across that I thought were pretty neat-

To learn more about NBC LEARN, visit our LibGuide on it at

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