Warner Celebrates Black History Month

February is Black History Month and once again we have the privilege of having the Travelin’ Black History Museum in our display cases at Warner Library.

This traveling museum is the cumulative work of Twila Simpkins, a retired secondary education English teacher who holds several professional honors, among them, Teacher of the Year.  When asked about the Travelin’ Black History Museum, Ms. Simpkins responded,

“Always keenly aware of my ethnicity in the larger world and strongly encouraged to do something with all my black memorabilia, I now share this love of my culture through this collection…What started as a fun(d)raising activity in the mid-’90s for a youth group with whom I was then working , is now, years later, being presented as a sampling of the depth, breadth and wealth of the African American diaspora.”

Currently, the Travelin’ Black History Museum has sixteen available traveling exhibits; the Black Inventors & Their Inventions being the most popular. The newest exhibit entitled In the Moment, features information and memorabilia about President Barack Obama.

Plan to stop by Warner Memorial  Library during February to see this wonderful exhibit!!

To learn more, visit

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