Try our trial book scanner!

We’ve got a guest post this week! Mark Puterbaugh, our Information Services Librarian has setup a month long trial of a Scannx scanner. It does marvelous things like scan documents and email them to yourself! Below is our guest post from Mark about the trial & scanner-

Scannx Trial a Green Initiative

Warner Library is testing an exciting new product- the Scannx BookScan Center 5022.  Currently, the system is accessible in the Library’s reference area and provides an alternative to traditional copier systems.

In offers a totally paperless and tonerless (no ink) means to scan books and other documents.  The system, not attached to any printers, permits users to scan and then send a document to their e-mail, Google Docs directory or a USB device.  This saves paper waste and the damaging affect posed by toner and cartridge disposal.

The Scannx is not only green friendly it is also fast.  The scanning technology provides excellent quality with the latest of touch screen technology.  It is green and high tech combined.

The Library’s trial continues through the end of this month.  Come in, give it a try and fill out a survey to tell how you feel about this new technology.

For more information about the Scannx BookScan, visit

Here is a nice two minute video showing you how it works. Come in and try it for yourself.

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