Seminary Library move

Welcome back Eastern! We’ve had a very busy summer here in the library. In the next week’s, I’ll update you on all our summer activities. To kick things off, this week’s blog post features an update from Jim Sauer, Director of University Libraries, about the Palmer Seminary library move:

“I would like you to be aware of the changes in the library collection and operations now that Palmer Seminary is located in Valley Forge. The space allocated to the library had a great deal to do with how we have approached our moving problem. The original 110,000 book library needed to be reduced to fit the space allotted for 75,000 books.  Low circulation books were withdrawn from both the Seminary’s deBlois Library and the University’s Warner Library. Some books were sent to Warner Library and remain available to Seminary students.

Other special collections have also gone to St. Davids. The MacBride collection has been moved to Baird Library in Walton Hall. The Black Studies collection is now housed in Warner Library next to the Mazie Hall African American Collection.  The Hispanic Studies collection was divided into three parts:  Hispanic theology in English was blended into the Main Palmer collection; non-theological Spanish and English language materials were added to Warner Library; and Spanish language theology is now housed at Esperanza College. All are still available by our Catalog and can be obtained on short notice.  All other frequently used materials, including books that are frequently on reserve, were reclassified into the Palmer Seminary collection.

Until the library area in Wing E is ready for occupation, all books will be housed in the warehouse adjacent to the first floor. This storage area will not be accessible to the public; however, books will be retrieved at regular intervals. The library will have a temporary staff office in Room 334. Reserve materials will be kept here, and the office will be staffed at key points through the evenings so students can access these materials. Saturday hours have yet to be determined.

Once the library moves into its permanent space, frequently used reference books, AV materials, current journals, and reserves will be relocated on the third floor to the new Austen K. deBlois Resource Library. Due to weight constraints, all other books will remain in the warehouse but will continue to be retrieved upon request. The new library will contain study space and patron computers for research.”

Here is a smattering of pictures- library space pre-renovation at Valley Forge, library space at Wynnewood, and Valley Forge warehouse where the books are stored.

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