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Four ways to find recipes on the web

I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and say to myself ‘well, that’s not going to happen’. ― Rita Rudner, author, humorist

I thought I would write this week’s blog post about a couple of really cool ways to find recipes on the internet, since Eastern has a few academic courses that focus on food and healthy living. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great recipe?! Just take a moment to browse Pinterest and you’ll find hundreds of users swapping and sharing their favorite food dishes. (Even our very own Eastern U. Pinterest account contains a Dorm-friendly Recipes board.) Listed below are a few uncommon ways you can search the web for foodstuff.

Foodily (http://www.foodily.com/)

According to their About Us page, Foodily is the “world’s largest social recipe network”. You can perform a recipe search in Foodily that allows you to enter what ingredients you want and which ones you’d like to exclude- a great feature for those with any type of food allergy or dietary need. Like most social networking sites, it is much more interactive than your typical search engine. In addition to performing recipe searches, you can also use Foodily in conjunction with your Facebook account. Linking them enables you to view a live feed of recipes from your Facebook friends. A Pinterest-style feature lets you follow specific recipe boards, like those from celebrity chefs Cat Cora, Rachel Ray, and Wolfgang Punk, among others. WARNING: It is image-rich to really get your taste buds salivating, so I would advise that you not look at it right before lunch  🙂


Google Recipe View (http://www.google.com/)

Google Recipe View allows you to use the power of Google to find recipes on the internet. You can filter your search results by ingredients, cook time, and calories. To use it, perform a search in Google and select “Recipes” at the top of your results list. This filters out non-recipe hits. To filter your results even further, click on “Search Tools” and three categories will appear: Ingredients, Any Cook Time, and Any Calories. Then, using their drop-down menus, you can choose specifications on the recipe you’re looking for.

Gojee (https://www.gojee.com/food)

Gojee is similar to Foodily, but more geared toward foodies and those who love to browse recipes. It isn’t the best for searching recipes because the content on Gojee is hand-picked- not an extensive collection of recipes like you’ll find using Google Recipe View or Foodily. However, Gojee by far has some of the most beautiful food photography, and you can really personalize your Gojee experience. You are required to create a free account (or you can use your Facebook or Google account). In doing so, Gojee can then create recommendations based on your favorite foods or disliked ingredients. Those with food allergies or health considerations can use the “dislikes” option to filter recipes. Another neat feature is that you can search Gojee for recipes based on your “pantry”, aka what items you currently have in your kitchen.


Food Blog Search (http://foodblogsearch.com/)

Also operated by Google, Food Blog Search allows you to simultaneously search for recipes over 3,000 food blogs. It’s a pretty simple search. Unlike Google’s Recipe View, you can’t perform an advanced search or filter your results. Instead, the site recommends that you be as specific as possible when entering search terms.

Food Blog Search

Bon appétite!

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