Friends of the Library

We have our winners!

The judges have decided! We are excited to announce the winners of this years Jonathan Orr Essay Contest held by Friends of the Library. Out of 28 entries, these three rose to the top of the list. Congratulations!

(Click on our winners’ name to read their essay)

First Place: Nicholas Trombley
Second Place: Jacob Palmer
Third Place: Jonathan Washatka

We recognized and celebrated our winners this past Thursday at Friends’ “Red Letter Evening with Tony Campolo”. Over a hundred people turned out to hear Tony speak on his growing Red Letter Christians movement. To learn more about Red Letter Christians, visit

Next week’s blog post will feature a look at who is coming to library on April 29 & 30th. Here’s a hint- they have four legs and love to be pet….

*Photos courtesy of Ted Merriman

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