Friends of the Library

Library Friends group sponsor charter framing

Have you been to the library recently? Notice anything different? We painted! Come stop by and see our new blue wall featuring Eastern’s beautiful historic charter, framed thanks to Friends of the Library. Issued in March 1923, the Charter of The Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary states in beautifully calligraphic writing,

In compliance with the requirements of an Act of General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act to provide for the Incorporation and Regulation of Certain Corporations,” approved the 29th day of April, 1874, and the supplements thereto, the undersigned, three or more of whom are citizens of Pennsylvania, having associated themselves together for this purpose herein after specified, and desiring that they may be incorporated according to law, Do hereby certify…

It includes the names and addresses of the Seminary’s original 14 trustees: Thordley B. Wood, Frank M. Goodchild, Charles T. Ball, John A. Hainer, Ralph L. Mayberry, E.B. Dwyer, Harry Watson Barras, Curtis Lee Laws, David Lee Jamieson, Gordon H. Baker, James A. Maxwell, John E. Briggs, P.V. Slawter, and Frank Earle Parham.

In addition, we have on display historic photographs from around campus. Scenes depicting the original garden (now the site of our dining commons), the original waterwheel (1912), Andrews Hall when it was used as the Walton family’s garage, and the Solarium.

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