A Blog About Writing a Blog

Things Librarians Do “behind-the-stacks”.
by Marvin Smith, D.Min. M.L.S. General Services Librarian, Palmer Theological Seminary



So you’ve been reading blogs written by friends and professionals…

Like this blog written for those interested in business & leadership:

Or like this blog written for those following theological trends:

Or like this deeply personal blog written by a woman who eventually died from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Or like this blog written for sports fans:

And you’re thinking, “Hey, I could do that! But where do I start?”

Hopefully this and future blogs will remove the mystery, provide some answers and get you started.


Click here to sign up for your FREE blog account (yes, it’s FREE!!! They make their money when you decide to upgrade your blog):

300_1828150-WHOLD UP! WAIT!

Here are a few things to consider BEFORE creating your blog:

In two or three words, describe the overall gist of what you hope to write about. This phrase will probably become your “blog address” and serve as the title page for your blog.

For example, you want to blog about cafeteria meals. “Nietzsche on Nutrition” sounds great, but probably needs some editing because the web address would become:

Yeah! Not too catchy, but it’s a good start! How about “Nutrition nach Nietzsche”?


  • Create a file folder with your “blog address” name. Now you can dump all your ideas and pics into one place.
  • Now that you settled on your “blog address” it is time to think about visuals. You will want to locate or create a .jpeg that illustrates or symbolizes your blog. Find a picture that can be cropped to about 10 inches by 2 inches. Resize your pic to 940 X 198 pixels – or slightly smaller.

Keep your eyes open for more visuals. In future blogs, you might want to include additional pics, GIFs or media from YouTube.

  • Ok… Ready to decide your “theme?” In WordPress, themes provide physical structure to your blog. Themes are kinda important, but you can always change them. For starters, try “Twenty Ten” as your “default” theme:

Ok, now you’re looking at the “Twenty Ten” theme provided by WordPress with lots of helpful (overwhelming?!) information about Custom Headers, Custom Backgrounds, Drop-Down Menus, etc.

Just click on the “Start a Blog” button (located in upper-right corner).

Start writing!!

Oops. Outta time. More helpful stuff in the next “blog about writing a blog.”

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