A to Z Journal List now called Full Text Article Finder

Starting last week, you may have noticed our A to Z Journal List looked a lot different! Now called Full Text Article Finder, this resource is an enhanced version of our previous journal list.

So what are some of the changes?

For starters, on the landing page is an easy to browse collection of subjects. Click on a subject to view the full text journals we subscribe to relating to it.Full Text Article Finder Filter

You’ll also notice that you now have the ability to search using a subject. Before in the A to Z Journal list, you could only perform a keyword search. Now, you have the ability to filter your results by subject.

In connection to the subject search you generally have more methods of filtering your results. You can limit your results by subject, resource type, peer reviewed, and by publisher.

So what has stayed the same?

You can still use it to discover whether the library provides full text access to a journal title. You can also still use it to determine in which database we provide access to the journal. And, you can still use it to find the ISSN for a journal.

FTF RWAn added bonus to the Full Text Article Finder is the new Full Text Finder button in RefWork. (What’s RefWorks? Click here to learn more.) When logged into your RefWorks account, you’ll now see a handy “Full Text Finder” button with each citation. Clicking on it will take you directly to the article’s full text (if we provide access to it). If we don’t have access to it, then you’ll know you can request it using Rapid ILL. (What’s Rapid ILL? Click here to learn more.)

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