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Narnian professor presents Good News on the Silent Planet

IMG_3709On March 20, 2019, Warner Memorial Library was the venue for hosting Dr. Michael Ward, a prominent  C. S. Lewis scholar, and author the groundbreaking book Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis. The event was hosted by the Inter-Collegiate Studies Institute (ISI) and our own Templeton Honors College.
Speaking to a full house of about 100 students, faculty, and visitors, Dr. Ward spoke on the topic titled “C.S. Lewis: On Reason & Imagination in Science and Religion.” Dr. Ward showed that Reason is not an opposite of imagination, but that Imagination is the human function that makes meaning, while Reason is the judging factor which verifies truth and falsehood. Religion (the term used for Christianity in this presentation) is the imaginative totality that gives meaning to the universe; Science is one branch of human intellect and understanding which examines reality using rational method.
He summarizes: “Imagination is the natural organ of meaning. Reason is the natural organ of truth. Meaning is the antecedent of what is true and false.”
In order to find God, as the Scripture says, we must believe that He exists. The imaginative jump of faith, making meaning through creative process, precedes the scientific measurement and verification of the natural world. The erudite and good humored Dr. Ward signed a copy of his book Planet Narnia for the library.

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