2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest

Here at Warner Library, we always like to highlight our student workers.They keep this place running smoothly. We like to welcome them back, year after year, and eventually see them off into a bright future. At that time, the Library misses them dearly, and therefore we have to celebrate them before they leave. Therefore, when one of our own is doing great work on campus or in the community, it is important to showcase them while still at the university.

Every year, the Campolo Institute for Applied Research in Social Justice recognizes a student who produces a work of scholarship which supports its mission to promote research which encourages the pursuit of a more just society. This distinction is known as the Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest award. It is one of the highest academic awards that can be achieved by undergraduates during their time at Eastern. 

This year, we are proud to recognize Evon Series and her work “Beyond Vietnam: MLK Jr. Essay”. Dr. Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe, director of the Campolo Institute describes this essay as:

“a call to reflect on the Rev. Dr. King as a Christian leader who calls all to follow the God of justice to seek justice and peace. We are inspired by “her hope for seeing a better future sometime soon,” and practical guidance for living moral lives, guided by Christian commitments to justice.”

We would like to recognize Evon for her amazing achievement and are so grateful to her for allowing us to publish her work on her website.

Read the 2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest Winner below.

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