Blind Date with a Book 2023

This February, we will be bringing back a popular event that happens at Warner Library in February – Blind Date with a Book! This event will take place in the first half of February – from next Wednesday, the 1st, to the 15th.

The theme of this event is to promote books that we think the students will enjoy, either by sharing a story that relates with them, or by sharing information that will educate them. We also do this to promote the idea to not judge a book by its cover. To do this, we wrap up the books in packaging paper so that you cannot see what the package contains. On the wrapping we write two things: the book’s barcode # so that it can be checked out without the patron knowing what it is, and a drawing or a blurb that gives a hint as to what the book is about. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the books that will be available:

Be sure to stop by Warner Library if you want to grab a book from the event!

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