Research Help

Take FLIGHT with a Librarian

As the end of another semester draws near, the to-do lists tend to get longer and longer by the day. With finals looming, it can feel a little overwhelming. The college has great resources that can help, which you can learn more about here:

One of the services that the library provides are our Take FLIGHT research consultations. Take FLIGHTs are individual meetings between students and librarians in which the librarians assist students with whatever they need help with, such as brainstorming a topic, finding books and articles, organizing a paper, or just to learn about the library resources and what is available to students to help them succeed. It’s kind of like a study session with a professional!

FLIGHT is an acronym, and it stands for the follow:

Find relevant sources
Learn research strategies
Identify your topic
Generate quality results
Hone searching skills
Transform your writing

Take FLIGHT appointments can be scheduled Monday – Saturday and can be set up with any of our several librarians. Please click the image below, or the link below, to schedule a Take FLIGHT today!

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