2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest

Here at Warner Library, we always like to highlight our student workers.They keep this place running smoothly. We like to welcome them back, year after year, and eventually see them off into a bright future. At that time, the Library misses them dearly, and therefore we have to celebrate them before they leave. Therefore, when […]

Summer E-book Reads!

While not all of these books are beach reading, you can take them with you to the beach, airplane, train, bus, care- or wherever you are with a device that allows you to read ebooks! At Warner Library, we have thousands of options in our collection to choose from. So here’s a few of our […]

Day of Silence

The purpose of Day of Silence is to raise awareness about anti-LGBTQ discrimination, harassment, and bullying; as resistance to attempts to prevent LGBTQ people and their allies from speaking out against the treatment they face. Some observances take place in two parts: first, not speaking during the school day, and then a later ‘breaking the […]