Games People Play

Last semester, Warner Library added a variety of board games to our collection. However, we don’t have a monopoly on games, and we know that keeping social distance may mean your gaming friend is not on campus. Sleuths that we are, and so you don’t have to boggle your brain, we went searching to solve […]

Warner Library vs Google

Written by Laura O’Reilly, Access Services Librarian We all do it. Even librarians. Yep, Google seems to be the fastest, easiest way to find information; however, is it unbiased, accurate, and reliable? Is it really a time saver when you have to sort through 4 million results, many of which have been placed on your […]

7th De-Stress with Dogs: A Tail-Wagging Success!

On May 2nd, over twenty licensed therapy dogs came to the library between 10am and 3pm to help our students relax and de-stress before their final exams began. All of the dogs are associated with either Therapy Dogs International (TDI) or the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, two professional groups in the area. Some were returning […]