Are you prepared to participate in the BlackOut Poetry event being co-sponsored by Warner Library and Eastern’s creative writing, art, and photography journal, Inklings? If the liveliness of spring and the hope of Easter isn’t enough to stir your creative energy, we have some poetry resources that may inspire your muse. 

Academy of American Poets

What we love about this site is the Poem-a-Day feature, which has the author read one of their work. Hearing the work read with the cadence, stress, and energy the poet intended provides a meditative dimension. The authors often include a comment or two after the reading that provides additional context. 

Discover Poetry .com 

This site’s unique feature is the “memorize poem” button. After selecting a poem you will be prompted to type the poem with an “accuracy” meter tracking your progress, in step two words are eliminated and you must remember them, finally, you will master the poem by reciting it from memory. It may be old-fashioned to memorize poems, but having a store of poetic images can be edifying in conversation, to enliven writing, and to meditate upon. 

Poetry Foundation

One of the best features of this site is the “Collections” feature. Perhaps you can find a poem for mother’s day in Poem’s for Mother’s Day collection, the perfect poem to say ‘thank you’ in the Poems that Say Thank You collection, or continue with the March Madness with a poem from the Basket Ball Poems

Remember, poetry can be simply fun! Most of us can recall delighting in at Shel Sliverstein poems either as a child or with a child. In the spirit of playful discovery we offer you: 

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