October is Global Diversity Awareness Month

Although the beginnings of global diversity awareness month are uncertain, it is thought that this time has a background in important agreements by the United Nations about Human Rights. The way that we are going to frame this month is resisting the idea of a monolithic society; even though everyone is different we can work towards building a better community. The word “diversity” can be traced to several different points of origin- including meanings of variety, contradiction, conflict, and democracy. It is important not only to understand what diversity is, but also what it looks like to be aware and accepting in order to create an inclusive environment. This month, we’re going to highlight some of the activists and movements that made social progress for different groups in the United States and around the world.

Diversity Resources at Eastern

As a diverse campus, Eastern provides resources for its multicultural community. Did you know that 45% of students identify as people of color? Find out about campus commitment to diversity, equity, & belonging here. We also have an institutional site that regularly updates with recommended resources on race & America.

Types of Diversity

When most people think about diversity, most-people think about what it means to live in a multi-racial society. But there are many different kinds of diversity, and it’s important to think of racial groups as diverse within themselves. The types that we will be highlighting this month are: race/ ethnicity, national origin/ citizenship, gender and sexuality, and (dis)ability/ neurodivergence.  

art source: Human Rights by Ricardo Levins Morales

art text: Nothing about us with-out us is for us. Based on slogan popularized by South African disability rights and youth activists.

What does Global Diversity Awareness Month look like at Warner Memorial Library?

Stop in to see special displays, stay tuned to the library blog for informative posts about days of remembrance and recognition, and look forward to resources that we’ll be sharing on awareness and advocacy.

Social / Racial Justice Collection

Created in light of the protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, this collection highlights social justice and racial activism. Housed on the main level of Warner Library, look for the four bookshelves near the desktop computer area. Including titles from our children’s and juvenile section, nonfiction, fiction, and media- these selections are by no means a comprehensive group nor all that Warner Memorial has to offer- but the library staff hopes that they serve as a starting point. When using the library catalogue, narrow your search by choosing “SOCIAL RACIAL JUSTICE” under the collection category. Are there some titles that you think we should add? Comment on this post!

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