Watching Just Mercy

Do you need to watch Just Mercy for INST 150? We at the library have made a helpful little guide for students. Any questions or concerns, please contact our systems librarian, Chelsea Post.

Ways to Watch

Swank can be accessed through desktop computers and laptops in addition to mobile devices. The library has desktops on the main floor that anyone can use with a Eastern login.

How to Watch

Since Eastern University subscribes to the database, it needs a way to recognize users as belonging to the institution. The easiest way to do this is by logging into your @eastern.edu email using gmail or myeastern. It helps to keep this open in a separate tab.

The next step is to go to the Warner Memorial Library homepage. On the right side of the webpage, under “Up to Academics”, there is a tile that says “Databases”. Clicking on that link will bring you to the A-Z Databases page.

To find Swank, either type the database name in the search bar or select streaming video from the database types drop-down menu.

Clicking on the link should open the streaming site in a new tab. This page might ask you to log in again using your Eastern credentials. If it prompts you to do so, only log in to the EU server. You do not need to create an account or log into the Swank streaming site itself.

Once you’ve found Just Mercy, all you need to do is hit watch. Multiple users can view the film at the same time. Closed captions are available in several languages.

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