February is Library Lover’s Month!

Here at Warner Library, we love the students, faculty, and staff that we serve. So this February, we’re making an effort to keep good feelings going around.

This month, we are hosting the campus letters of love event. Let your favorite department on campus know how you feel about them by writing them a thank-you note. Letter writing supplies are provided on a table next to the mailboxes. 

Also in our lobby you’ll find our blind date with a book display. Creatively summarized by our library staff, see if you can guess what they are. We have classic and modern romances in addition to titles that give us warm and fuzzy feelings- and anti-Valentine’s Day reads as well for those in need. Pick up something that looks like a match for you, and unwrap it after you leave. No peeking!

Next to the elevator is the home of our Valentine’s Day DVD display. Check out a feel-good rom-com handpicked by our systems librarian, Chelsea Post.

We love you, and we hope you love us back 🙂

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