Another Year Begins!

By Chelsea Post, Systems Librarian

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955. Theoretical physicist)

To all who are new to Eastern University – to all who have returned – and to all in-between – welcome to Warner Library!

See those glass windows? That’s us!

If you read the quote at the beginning of this post and thought that it was a tad incorrect, I can see why you might think so. After all, knowing where to find the Dining Commons at Eastern is just as important, and you certainly need to know the location of your courses. However, there is no other place on campus that can assist you through your entire academic journey at Eastern quite like Warner Library, as it is here that you will be able to complete research for every course that you will have while you obtain that long-sought-after degree.

There is, though, one change I would make to this quote. No offense to Einstein, but perhaps it’s not the location of the library that is important to know; rather, it is the resources of the library that are crucial to your scholarly pursuits. Not sure what I mean? Allow me to highlight just a few of the resources available to you both physically and electronically through the library:

Eagle Search: Located at the top of the library’s homepage, Eagle Search is an inclusive discovery services that pulls in books, e-books, journals, newspapers, media, and more from multiple platforms into a single search. Put simply, it’s a one-stop shop for any topic you can think of! There are plenty of bells and whistles in Eagle Search itself, such as saving results into project folders and built-in citation tools, but I think this tutorial video can explain it better than I can.

Find this logo on the library’s website to get to the form!

Take FLIGHT: If you’re overwhelmed by all the results in your Eagle Search, or maybe you just want to bounce ideas off someone about your thesis, then sign up for a Take FLIGHT. You’ll be able to meet with one of the librarians on staff, either in-person or virtually, and discuss where you can find sources, ways you can incorporate them into your writing, and more. You can find the form to sign up on the library’s website.

Live Chat: Do you need more immediate help? You can use our live chat feature, located on the library’s homepage! Here you can ask quick questions and receive instant answers from our trained staff. The chat box can be found a few places on the library’s website and is even embedded in Eagle Search, so feel free to ask any questions you have whenever you see it.

This is the Edison Room, one of the quiet study rooms available for reservation at the library!

Study Rooms: Of course, finding the resources is just one step of the process; now you need to concentrate on reading and analyzing it for your assignment. One of the best places to do that is in our study rooms which are geared towards either quiet study or group projects. All of the rooms within the library can be reserved for a 2-hour time slot using our online calendar. Additionally, newly opened this year is the highly-requested 24-Hour Study Space, a separate room located on the first floor under the stairwell of Harold C. Howard Center (HHC), which is open for all students, 24-7!

These are just a handful of the many resources that can be found at the library; if I were to keep going, this blog post might become a book itself! So, in the interest of brevity, allow me to leave you with one final invitation to stop by the library and see what it can offer you this semester, as well as for the rest of your time here at Eastern.

You know where to find us.

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