Eastern Student Newspapers find a digital home

We are very excited to announce that this past summer Friends of the Library generously donated the needed funds to digitization the University’s student newspaper collection!  Now available for viewing and searching are almost all issues of The Spotlight and The Waltonian from 1952 until spring semester 2011.  The Wisconsin company Northern Micrographics digitized the collection of newspapers for us.  The images are currently hosted by Northern Micrographics and accessed through a free, open source image viewer called ResCarta.

Before digitizing the newspapers, students and other community members had no way to search throughout all the issues.  Now that the newspapers are digital, you can search through all the issues as well on an individual basis. Other features include zoom, printing, and saving.  This is Warner Library’s first collection to be digitized and we hope in the future to add more special collections to this repository. Below are just a few images from the newspaper collection.  To view & search the entire database, visit

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