Friends of the Library

Announcing this year’s Orr Essay contest winners!!

On Friday, Friends of the Library had their annual dinner and recognized this year’s Orr Essay contest winners. Our speak for the evening was Dr. R.J. Snell. It was a wonderful, fun evening! Here is this year’s essay question:

“In his World War II era book, Poetry as a Means of Grace (1941), Charles Osgood suggested that each generation must find a literary mentor to aid us on our spiritual journey in life. For Osgood, the authors he chose were traditional literary writers–Dante, Spenser, Milton, and Dr. Samuel Johnson.  Many more authors than these gain our attention as guides to life. Choose an author who has meant something special to you as guide and mentor to life.”

Listed below are the winners and their essays.

First place: Allegra Brown
Second place: Kalen Wilson
Third place: Robby Kumor

Congratulations to all our winners!

Photos from this year’s dinner


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