March Madness for All Interests in AVON

As we move into March, basketball fans will be infected by March Madness. March Madness is the lighthearted term meant to convey the feverish frenzy experienced by sports fans as teams bid for the designation of NCAA championship. Madness, the legacy term for psychiatric illness, is not a game, but there are champions who transformed how those suffering with mental illness are cared for, and pioneered treatment.

One of these champions was Dr. Heinz Lehman, who fled Nazi Germany in 1937. After arriving in Montreal, he spent the next 60 years formulating humane treatments, and eventually helped the world see the role biology plays in mental illness. One of his greatest achievements was introducing the first anti-psychotic drug used in North America.

The Academic Video Online (AVON) database has compelling documentary about Dr. Lehman. 

In addition to the incredible story of Dr. Lehman’s accomplishments, it appears madness is not only for basketball lovers. Nature lovers might find the 30 minute National Geographic film, Meerkat Madness entertaining. Musicians will no doubt be mesmerized while watching Playing with Madness, a film about manic depression and creative musicianship. Surely, criminal justice majors will be compelled to view Descent Into Madness a 60 Minutes piece on a mass murder’s path into darkness. There are videos exploring madness in dancing, marijuana reform, electricity, and even mad cows! We’re sure you’ll be mad about Academic Video Online (AVON) database once you take a peek at all it has to offer.

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