March Madness: Heroes, Villains, and Beach Boys

Can you imagine the epic battle, the crazy-mad battle that would ensue, if Voldermot was confronted by Aslan? Well, it could happen right here on the Eastern campus during Warner Library’s March Madness: Heroes and Villains event. Over a series of weeks, the games will begin with an all-star cast of heroes including, not only Aslan, but Harry Potter, Scout Finch, Percy Jackson, and others. The heroes will be pitted against a star-studded cast of evil-doers we love to despise, including The Queen of Hearts, ever ready to lop off a few heads, to the less showy, but ever sneaky Professor Moriarty.

In our Heroes and Villains event, the outcome is not likely to make logical sense, but it’s fun and magical just like the Beach Boys song, Heroes and Villains , which once you hear it, parts are likely to loop in your head in that maddening way great songs do. Take a listen, and see if you can battle the mind, monkey that is “doot da doo do de da doobe do wa…” Surely it will take your mind off the madness of midterms and snow.

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