Beetlejuice: The Musical




An infamous line from a beloved classic film from 1988 that has been revived into a new franchise – a hit Broadway show! And the show is coming to Philadelphia very soon!

Beetlejuice the Musical is similar to the movie – Lydia is a young girl obsessed with death, which is lucky for her because she moves into a new house with not just insufferable parents, but she is joined by the previous residents who happen to be recently deceased, as well as a demon named Beetlejuice. It is riddled with nostalgia, as well as new characters and new music.

Beetlejuice the Musical is known for its cult following, its outrageous humor, and its amazing music. Watch below to see the original song “Beautiful Sound”:

For anyone else at Eastern that loves Broadway – especially our theater majors – did you know that we have a wonderful anthology collection on musical theater sheet music, specifically for singers? From Frozen: The Musical, to Into the Woods, to School of Rock, the anthology contains sheet music for different vocal ranges. Sometimes it can be expensive to buy sheet music online, so be sure to stop by the library to see if you can get what you’re looking for, for free first! You can check out the books here.

Beetlejuice’s last day on Broadway was January 8th, and it will be coming to Philadelphia from May 30th – June 11th this year. Be sure to grab tickets in the area if you want to catch this amazing show!

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