Ebrary Database’s new Online Reader display

Ebrary users notice something very different about its interface- it’s brand new!

For those Eastern students who aren’t using Ebrary, now is the time to start! Ebrary is the library’s largest ebook database. Through it, we provide access to over 100,000 fulltext ebooks. Anywhere you have internet access, you can use Ebrary and read its books. (Also available is its free app for Android and iOS.) Now, with the new Online Readers display, Ebrary makes it even easier to view an item.

Included below are some screenshots of the new display (click here to learn more!). All our Eastern students and faculty have an Ebrary account. With it, you have the ability to save books to your bookshelf, download them to your computer (for 14 days), make annotations and more! So go ahead- why not give Ebrary a try over Fall Free Days?

(Click on an image to enlarge)

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